Oh my God. I believe it is a large name for a blog, isn't it?

Well, that doesn't matter. What really matters is the reason for this blog. I've seen that the same categories used to indicate a Pokémon's type in general are the same used for the anime and manga Pokémon characters. So, if I go to "Category:Fighting-type Pokémon", I won't only find the pages for the Pokémon, I will also find all the Lucario of the anime, all the Machoke of the anime, all the Hitmontop of the anime. Wouldn't you want a category page where you could only find which Pokémon are Fighting type? And then, wouldn't you also want a category page where you could only find which Pokémon are Fighting type in the anime?

I hope you get my point now, but if you don't, I'll tell you anyway. Wouldn't it be best to have three different categories? One for the Pokémon pages, another for the anime characters and another for the manga characters?

I can take my time and start changing everything. I can do it alone, but other people can help too, and it would be better.

General Anime Manga
Bug-type Pokémon Bug-type anime Pokémon Bug-type manga Pokémon
Dark-type Pokémon Dark-type anime Pokémon Dark-type manga Pokémon
Dragon-type Pokémon Dragon-type anime Pokémon Dragon-type manga Pokémon
Electric-type Pokémon Electric-type anime Pokémon Electric-type manga Pokémon
Fairy-type Pokémon Fairy-type anime Pokémon Fairy-type manga Pokémon
Fighting-type Pokémon Fighting-type anime Pokémon Fighting-type manga Pokémon
Fire-type Pokémon Fire-type anime Pokémon Fire-type manga Pokémon
Flying-type Pokémon Flying-type anime Pokémon Flying-type manga Pokémon
Ghost-type Pokémon Ghost-type anime Pokémon Ghost-type manga Pokémon
Grass-type Pokémon Grass-type anime Pokémon Grass-type manga Pokémon
Ground-type Pokémon Ground-type anime Pokémon Ground-type manga Pokémon
Ice-type Pokémon Ice-type anime Pokémon Ice-type manga Pokémon
Normal-type Pokémon Normal-type anime Pokémon Normal-type manga Pokémon
Poison-type Pokémon Poison-type anime Pokémon Poison-type manga Pokémon
Psychic-type Pokémon Psychic-type anime Pokémon Psychic-type manga Pokémon
Rock-type Pokémon Rock-type anime Pokémon Rock-type manga Pokémon
Steel-type Pokémon Steel-type anime Pokémon Steel-type manga Pokémon
Water-type Pokémon Water-type anime Pokémon Water-type manga Pokémon

So, what do you think? Agree or disagree? It doesn't matter if you don't help, but I'd like to hear your opinion anyway.


Should we apply this change?

The poll was created at 12:12 on July 15, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.

Result: The change will be applied.

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