• Icy Flasher

    The lists of Pokémon by height and weight are ordered with the metric measures (meters and kilograms). Would you rather see them ordered with the imperial measures (feet and pounds)?

    This is how it is right now.

    Small Pokémon
    Flabébé Joltik

    Azurill Budew Burmy Chingling Dedenne Diglett Floette Foongus
    Klefki Natu Shaymin Spritzee Tynamo

    Azelf Carbink Castform Caterpie Cleffa Combee Cottonee Ditto
    Drilbur Durant Dwebble Eevee Espurr Fletchling Froakie Goomy
    Igglybuff Jirachi Klink Kricketot Litwick Magnemite Manaphy Mesprit
    Paras Pichu Pidgey Pidove Pumpkaboo Rattata Roselia Rotom
    Scatterbug Sewaddle Shellder Shellos Solosis Spearow Spewpa Starly
    Sunkern Taillow Togepi Uxie Weedle Wurmple

    This …

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  • Icy Flasher

    So Pokémon Sun and Moon are getting each time closer to us and with them a handful of new Pokémon arrives.

    Recently, there were six new Pokémon revealed, and among them, was this fish Pokémon, Bruxish. The info they revealed on this Pokémon was: its species, types, abilities and height and weight. Most people don't care about the latter two, however, since I'm the one updating the lists of Pokémon by height and weight, I noticed something very peculiar on this specific Pokémon.

    We on the Pokémon Wiki use both metric and imperial measures as opposed to other sites. So let's see Bruxish's height: in metric measure it's 0.9 m and in imperial measure it's 2'11". Nothing too weird going on here. Right? Wrong.

    There are other Pokémon that are also 0.9 m…

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  • Icy Flasher

    Hey everybody. I found something really interesting I'd like to share with all of you. As this is not confirmed, I'll put here. It's really curious and I think GameFreak really had us on this one since the first generation of Pokémon.

    You see there's this Mythical Pokémon that's only obtainable by event in each generation, each one has a characteristic that defines all those Pokémon and that gives a hint that Magearna is in fact a Generation VII Pokémon.

    Generation Pokémon Picture Characteristic
    I Mew
    One tail
    II Celebi
    Two antennas
    III Jirachi
    Three points and three bands
    IV Manaphy
    Four dots
    V Victini
    Five in Roman Numeral
    VI Diancie
    Six pointed diamonds (on its head)
    VII Magearna
    Seven teeth (of the gear in its head)

    Definitely interesting, however, st…

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  • Icy Flasher

    Oh my God. I believe it is a large name for a blog, isn't it?

    Well, that doesn't matter. What really matters is the reason for this blog. I've seen that the same categories used to indicate a Pokémon's type in general are the same used for the anime and manga Pokémon characters. So, if I go to "Category:Fighting-type Pokémon", I won't only find the pages for the Pokémon, I will also find all the Lucario of the anime, all the Machoke of the anime, all the Hitmontop of the anime. Wouldn't you want a category page where you could only find which Pokémon are Fighting type? And then, wouldn't you also want a category page where you could only find which Pokémon are Fighting type in the anime?

    I hope you get my point now, but if you don't, I'll tel…

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