Some people just don't get it. Pokémon GO is not meant to be rock up to a randoms place and ask to snag yourself a Cubone. Everyone goes around town searching for Pokémon by walking round towns and cities like crazos. Me? I just either

A:) Sit in the passenger seat of the car and just do it.

B:) Do an incense at my place (Don't try it if you live outside a GPS signal zone, it's a nightmare)

C:) Wait for them to come to me.

Just because I see a Clefairy up the street doesn't mean I'm gonna just waltz over to it, I'll just go on with my everyday life.

Also you know the pic with Gyarados on the loading screen. Define "Be alert at all times, stay aware of your surroundings.". Ever had the thought it means look were your going.

See it's simple logic, not brain surgery!

I do the "Wait for them to come to me" strategy and I've caught 30 Pokémon in 3 days. 10 Pokémon a day. and I have 5 eggs, I'm at lv 5 and already evolved my Pidgey into a Pideotto. Simple.

So for your sake, just let life roll on and wait for the Pokémon to come to you, even if it is a Moltres or an Articuno or Zapdos or whatever! Do that, and you won't be a 1 hp Stunfisk when your splatted on the road.

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