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A big report on the new games, which have been recently announced!

Game News


2DS and 3DS themes

New 2DS and 3DS themes, revolving around Pokémon, are expected to be shipped to Europe, while they had arrived to Northern America.


Sun and Moon!

A major update had arrived - as a part of 20th year anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, this Friday, in Pokémon Direct video, two new main games were announced, called Pokémon Sun and Moon. Little else is known, but there have been sightings of new Pokémon. The release date is stated to be "Holiday 2016".

Also, more importantly, the first Pokémon games released via shop - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue - all of the Pokémon that can be obtained in the game can be transferred through the Pokémon Bank system to Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is implied Magearna will likely appear in the game as well.

Anime News


New episode!

Newest episode, revolving around Serena having a match against Aria in the Master Class.

"Aria VS Serena! Open the Door to the Future!!"

Manga News


New chapter translated

Well, the recent XY chapter had received its (unofficial) translation. It revolves around the group arriving to Lost Hotel and planning their next move, while Blue meets Diantha, who was hiding. Link: X&Y034

Side news, it has been told a new artbook, containing lots of artwork, signed by the Kusaka and Yamamoto, the ones making the Pokémon Adventures manga.


JapanFlag Upcoming episode in Japan UnitedStatesFlag Upcoming episode in US
XY110 Zapdos and Noivern! A Furious Strike of Lightning!! XY096 A Giga Battle With Mega Results!
Pokémon the Series: XYZ


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