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Game News


Unova starters giveaway

Like in Japan, Europe and North America can also obtain the Unova starter Pokémon, using the code POKEMON497 for Serperior. Emboar and Samurott are also expected to have the same code to be obtained, but have yet to be announced. Stay tuned!


Pokkén game

More info about Pokkén has been announced. It features more Pokémon, including Pikachu, Gardevoir and Suicune (along with previously known Machamp and Lucario). Players may customize their camera mode in battles, plus there is a variety of background screens that can be fought on. There are also supporting Pokémon; practically, before the battle, the player can choose two Pokémon, from which one can support the active one by using its own moves. Snivy, Lapras, Fennekin, and Emolga have been announced as such Pokémon. Lastly, the feature of Mega Evolution is available, too.

Anime news


Anime episode

"Vanillite Panic! Left Cold by a Whiteout!!" has been aired in Japan.


New episode

The XY062 episode has been announced. It is named as "Protect the Future of Science! The Electric Labyrinth!!"



New titles for dub have been released. They are When Dark and Light Collide! AND A Stealthy Challenge!

Wiki news

10th anniversary

The Pokémon Wiki celebrates its 10th birthday! We wish you all success in training Pokémon successfully!

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