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Game News



You can type in the Mystery Gift menu "POKEMON500" to obtain Lv. 50 Emboar with the Reckless ability, but only once. This goes for North American and European players.


Pokkén Pokémon

To differ from each other, colors have been implemented in Pokémon, so you can expect the Pokémon to be colored blue, red and even other colors (or, at least, parts of their bodies).

Pokémon Tournament

Like last year, the Pokémon Tournament will be held in UK in Manchester, on 30th May 2015 and will end on the following day.


Pokkén stats

It has been revealed Pokkén combatants will not develop the same, meaning that two Lucario or two Machoke's stats can be entirely different. Here are more details about that.

In addition, Froakie and Eevee are revealed to be the support Pokémon.

Anime news


Mega Evolution Act III

The third part of Alain and Mairin's adventures is announced to air in Japan in 23rd March 2015.

New episode

"A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Jessie and Wobbuffet!!!" has been announced.

JP episode

"Coumarine Gym Match! Frogadier VS Gogoat!!" episode has aired in Japan. Stay tuned for the update in the following week!

Also, we know there are some of you fans of Serena's and Ash's "ties", so have a look at the latest preview video of "Ash and Serena's First Date! The Oath Tree and the Present!!", the upcoming episode.


Pokédex entries

The dub has released some of Pokédex entries of Mega Evolved Pokémon. It hosts Mairin, commenting on the Mega Evolved forms, sharing her knowledge through her diary and Alain, who battled these Pokémon.

First two are Sceptile and Swampert.


Another new episode

"Fennekin VS Delphox! A Splendid Performance Battle!!" has been announced.

Wiki news


New rollback

Lordranged7 has become a rollback. Watch out, vandals!


Missing vote?

The FOB special battle still continues, you can still vote on your favored Mega Team, whether X or Y.

User of the Month

The User of the Month for January 2015:
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Weekly poll

Which Champion was the most difficult to battle?

The poll was created at 22:07 on February 1, 2015, and so far 12 people voted.


A decision has been made. Starting this week, a picture from the Pokémon Wiki will be taken and you can make custom captions for it. Remember, this is purely for fun and must not be taken seriously (much). To add a caption, just write "Caption:" and write your line.

Here's the first image:

DP079 9

Picture of DP079

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