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What possibilties could happen if there were to be a Pokemon B3W3

Ellis99 June 5, 2014 User blog:Ellis99

This is what could happen, to me.

Set 10 years since Pokémon Black 2 & White Version

Unova has changed...

  • Iccirus City is partially flooded, and with it the lower grounds of Twist Mountain and Clay Tunnel are too.
  • The route between Pokémon League and Opelucid City is rebuilt, making it the second route to the Pokémon League.
  • PWT (Pokémon World Tournament) has been moved to the Entralink, while Cold Storage has been rebuilt in it's place.
  • Driftveil's lighthouse has returned, while the place where Old Team Plasma stay has moved to Route 9, while the Department store has moved to Castelia City.
  • Route 5 has merged with the past and present.
  • Desert Resort has been excavated and returned as a tourist attraction.
  • Black City & White Forest have merged and have two gym leaders who's challenges are double battles.
  • Battle Subway has closedwith all it's facilities at the PWT.
  • Lacunosa Town's wall has been demolished since Kyurem had been captured.
  • Opelucid City has merged with the past and future.
  • Anville Town has become less populated.

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