This blog, as the title says, is for a position of becoming a Stand-in Reporter when needed. As it isn't possible for me to do the last news blog or two (depending on the month) of each month, I would like to offer the opportunity for some to do this and be called a Stand-in Reporter.

Here are the key elements to what a news blog needs:

  • A news blog needs all the info on the specific piece of Pokémon news that is around
  • It needs to be well written and understandable.
  • It should be separated into section, i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc upto that Sunday (If there is news, DON’T insert the days that don’t have news).
  • If there are pictures around for that piece of game news, upload them so people can see what the game is like.

To enter a submission to become one, please enter a comment below.

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