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Game News


Shiny Rayquaza? BANNED?

A Shiny Rayquaza that was given out has had problems reported about it that it couldn’t be traded over the internet. As a result, The Pokémon Company has stated that this Rayquaza will not be able to be used on the Rating Battle – Special Battle ruleset and that it won’t be eligible for Video Game Championship tournaments.


Detective Pikachu?

A video at a certain event showed footage of the beginning stages of a game with a strange Pikachu. Three years later, that game has been revealed.

It is called “Detective Pikachu – Birth of a New Duo”.

It will be released in Japan on January 3rd 2016 and cost 1,500 yen but will cost 1,200 from January 27th to February 29th, 2016 and will take up 6,400 blocks (8000MB).

Pokken Shadow Mewtwo artwork

Artwork for the Shadow Mewtwo card in Europe has been released. The European version will feature different spellings of the name, Pokken Tournament, on the back.

Shuffle events!

More Shuffle events have been released.

A challenge for Kyurem has also been released which will run till February 9th, 2016.


Mew across the world!

Mew has been released across Europe at GAME in the UK and Spain and Gamestop in Germany and Italy.

In the UK, it will be released from February 1st to 28th and in other countries, February 1st to 24th


It’s time

Battling for the next Battle Competition has begun. This is 2016 International Challenge, which is a Double Battle and with the similar rules in the previous news blogs.

All entrants get 2000 PokéMiles and Championship Points will be given to the Top 256 players.

Mew in other areas

Mew is being released in the Netherlands and Belgium from February 1st to 24th.

Battle Competition

The next Battle Competition has been unveiled.

It has the following rules:

  • Only the first 151 Pokémon are allowed, aside from Mewtwo and Mew.
  • No items are allowed
  • Only six Pokémon are allowed to be battled with

Registration: February 25th to March 5th Battles: March 4th to 6th

All entrants get a special Dragonair that is based on Lance’s Dragonair from Red and Green.

It has the following moves:

  • Agility
  • Slam
  • Barrier
  • Hyper Beam

It’s Level 62 and has the ability Inner Focus.

Anime News


New episode!

A new episode titles has been unveiled.

The episodes are called:

  • A Chesnaught from the Wilderness! The Treeplanting Robon!!
  • The Master Class Trial! What Will You Do, Serena!?


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