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This week’s news has been very lull, without Pokémon ORAS news.

This week, info on the latest Japanese TCG set, upcoming tournament and Pokémon Art Academies downloadable templates.



  • New TCG sets for Japan

A new TCG set had been announced this week with the almighty fast and powerful, Mega Gengar as the feature of the set. The set is called Phantom Gate and will be coming out September 13th.

With this news, a special half-deck was announced featuring a Dialga EX card and an Aegislash EX card. This set is called Metal Chain-Dialga EX VS Aegislash EX.


  • Pokémon Art Academies Distributions

A distribution for a Kyogre drawing template was released, with this released Kyogre and a Groudon template will be alternating.

Here is a rundown of the dates and Pokémon:


  • Japan: June 19th – 25th, July 3rd – 9th, 17th – 23rd


  • Japan: June 26th – July 2nd, July 10th – 16th, 24th – 30th

Game Review

  • Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

Time and space, they are what makes reality real. This is the basis of this pair of games and its updated game.

Team Galactic, a villainous team who take what is necessary for their plans, want to create a new world with the orders from their boss, Cyrus.

They use Lake Guardians to create the Red Chain, link with Dialga and Palkia and harness their powers, which would convey them to use the Red Chain to unlock their ancient powers to create an ideal world in Cyrus’ image, while destroying the current universe at the same time.

Oreburgh City, known for mining fossils, is a rocky city built on the side of a mountain leading towards Mt. Coronet.

Day by day they mine for fossils, with the order from Roark, the head of the expedition. He is the Gym Leader for Oreburgh, with his Rock and Fossil-type Pokémon. Prior to Roark, the former Oreburgh Gym Leader and father to Roark, Byron, left after being given the position to become Gym Leader of Canalave City and wanted to explore the fossils there.

Hearthome City, home to Pokémon Contests in Sinnoh, is what brings tourism and co-ordinators from all over Sinnoh and other regions. Occasionally, Top Co-ordinator and Hearthome City Gym Leader, Fantina, likes to participate to show off her Pokémon’s contest skills.

Sunnyshore City, the city made from the sun’s ray’s, is an eco-city designed and developer by Sunnyshore City’s Gym Leader, Volkner.

This city has a control tower that controls the power being outsourced to buildings in the city

Battle Park, a tower with a punch, carries a mansion to exchange BP’s for prizes and a Battle Tower with a leader, Palmer, who is from Twinleaf Town.

Overall, the pair of games have a solid storyline, that doesn’t run off, superb moves and lovely character designs, but with this, it lacks excitement.

Here are the Pos and Neg’s


  • Good storyline
  • Updated graphics, compared to Gen III
  • Introduction of categories for moves, Physical, Special and Status


  • Abandonment of the majority of Gen III, Battle Frontier
  • Lack a grasp of excitement

Tournament News


  • Pokémon Battle Legend

Info on a new tournament was released.

The tournament is a Double Battle tournament and is international.

It allows all banned Pokémon, with a catch. Two legendaries can only be used, plus Diancie and Non-Kalos born Pokémon are banned. You are only allowed to battle 10 battles a day.

Registration Period: July 17th – 24th

Competition Run: July 25th – 27th

All people who participate receive 1,000 PokéMiles.

Wiki news

Shockstorm is running to become a rollback. You can vote for his request here, but mind the requirements for voting.

Also, please comment on the addition of the achievement badges.


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