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This week, Sableye's Mega Evolution forme type and ability were revealed, Pokémon Art Academy was released and its pricing for Europe and UK and upcoming Pokémon GL tournaments.

Blog News

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  • Pokémon Art Academy - UK & European Pricing

Nintendo eShop updated the pricing for the upcoming game in the west. UK's price is £29.99, while Europe's is 34.99 euro's.


  • Pokémon Art Academy

Today, the game released in Japan.


  • New Episodes

Two new episodes were announced to air in Japan on July 24th and July 31st. Here is what the episodes are called:

A Sky Battle?! Hawlucha VS Talonflame

This episodes features the first Sky Battle in the anime, also it features Ash's newly captured Hawlucha VS a trainers Talonflame.

Reflection Cave! Ash and the Ash through the Looking-Glass

This episodes is about Ash & co. venturing through Reflection Cave.


  • New Pokémon Special

A new Pokémon Special was announced, featuring Diancie and her Carbink travelling to awaken Xerneas. On her way, she meets numerous different Pokémon.

This episode takes place before meeting Ash & co. in the movie, this episode airs July 17th, after Genesect and the Legend Awakened in Japan, this is the reason why a two-week break happens.

This episode is called Diancie, Princess of the Ore Country.


  • Mega Sableye's Type & Ability

Today brought the unveiling of Mega Sableye's type and ability.

It stays the same type as a normal Sableye, but gains the ability Magic Bounce, which reflects a status-move the opponent tries to use on the Pokémon.

It has been reported, its Defense and SP Attack increase, while its Speed decreases.

Game Review

  • Pokémon Black & White

The shows, the cities and rides. This is what Pokémon Black & White brings, the Unova region.

Nimbasa City, its rides and amusement parks is what gives its status as the city of lights. In this city, the Big Stadium and Small Court brings sport players together to battle together or on their own against the player of the game, with this the city brings laughter and entertainment at the Pokémon Musical building where the player can show off their Pokémon in style and costume.

Battle Subway operates as a subway with a twist, the player can battle the masters of the subway, known as Subway Bosses with their names Ingo and Emmett.

Mistralton City, the place for sky-lovers, is where Princess of the Skies and Gym Leader, Skyla, lives and operates her wind-bashing Gym. In this city, there are dozens of crops for planting, harvesting then exporting out of Unova across the world at the local airport. As the player exits the wind cannon Gym, N meets you wondering how your Pokémon feel about being with you. Finding the answer weirs to him, N walks of confused.

Castelia City, the metropolis of Unova. It's a host to hundreds of buildings, some as high the eye can see. Casteliacones is what makes the metropolis known with the coldest ice cream in Unova and also heals your Pokémon.

Undella Town, the must-go-to resort in Unova, where the sea is blue, the air is clear and where Cynthia the former champion vacations in the Spring and Summer. Meeting her in the Spring will offer you the opportunity to battle her once a day with her Team and a few new editions.

Overall, the pair of games and its sequels bring more battles than previous and so far current generations, which is great for people who love to level up there Pokémon quickly.

Here is a rundown of the Pro's and Neg's:


  • Many training facilities
  • Two rivals
  • Pokémon GL, Entralink and Pass Powers
  • Utilize the Camera of the DSi, XL, 3DS, XL, 2DS
  • Storyline has a twist at the end
  • Black City, gives you the ability to buy Evolution Items that can't be naturally bought, while White Forest gives you the ability to catch first-stage Pokémon.


  • Pokémon Musical isn't a great successor to Pokémon Contests
  • Battle Subway isn't a great successor to Battle Frontier, since it only has two leaders, known as Subway Bosses, compared to the last Battle Frontier having five leaders, known as Frontier Brains.

Tournament News

This news segment will appear when there is news about a new Pokémon GL tournements.


  • Eevee Friendly

Details about the newest Battle Tournament have been released.

This Battle Tournament focuses on Eevelutions, no other Pokémon are allowed and only Kalos-born Eeveelutions are allowed. This tournaments battle style is Rotation Battle.

Registration period: July 3rd - 10th 2014

Battle period: July 11th - 14th 2014

Wiki News

This week, Pokémon Wiki appointed new members for PokéPower.

Here is a rundown of new members:

Also, please read this forum on ideas for our badges.


Today poll is which is your favourite Eeveelution.

Which is your favourite Eeveelution?

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