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This week, new Japanese episodes, update and price drops.

Game News


  • Art Update

An update has gone live for Pokémon Art Academy, which patches up a few areas in the game. The patch is listed as V1.1 and requires 19 block on the 3DS.

This patch repairs an issue that caused the coloured outline pen to not properly save as coloured when the image is saved to Miiverse or on the SD card.

It’s currently available in Europe and Japan.


  • Price Drop – America

Similar to Europe’s price drop back in July, America has put Pokémon: Gates of Infinity, Pokémon Battle Trozei and Pokémon Rumble U on sale in celebration for the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

Battle Trozei - $5.49

Gates of Infinity - $24.99

Rumble U - $10.99

These are the reduced prices.


  • More ORAS Pics

Amazon Japan have put up new pictures of ORAS where it features encounters at Mt. Chimney and Meteor Falls aswell some pictures in the overworld as you travel with some scenes of Beautifly.


  • Pokémon Bank Reminder

For those who haven’t acquired the Pokémon Bank Celebi, 10 day are left till it finishes.

This Celebi learns the exclusive move, Hold Back, which is similar the False Swipe.

This Celebi is are Level 10.

Anime News


  • Memories of Shinx

A new episode has been revealed.

Clemont’s Campus of Memories! An Electrifying Reunion!!

This episode is set around Clemont returning to an old haunt where he was at as a kid with a Shinx.


  • More new episodes

Two new episode have been revealed.

Mobilise, Lapras Defence Corps! Bonnie Does Her Best!!

This episode revolves around Lapras and Bonnie.

Dance, Pancham; Charm the Crowd, Fennekin! Waltz Towards Tomorrow!!

This episode revolves around Pancham and Fennekin with the possible capture of Pancham.

Manga Review

Red, Green & Blue arc

The story follows a young trainer named Red, who starts his journey. After helping Prof. Oak catch a Bulbasaur (which he befriended), Red meets his grandson, Blue. They are also accompanied by Green, a girl that loves to get into sorts of trouble. Together, they face a criminal organization named Team Rocket, who manage to catch three Legendary Pokémon and use it for their own needs.

  • Follows the story of Red/Blue arc, with a few redesigns
  • Has some exciting plots
  • Slightly short chapters


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