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Hello to new readers of the new weekly news blog of Pokémon Wiki.

I'm Ellis99, the reporter and blogger for this site.

This blog will provide people of Pokémon a great source of Pokémon news for people who only like to see the news once a week also these blogs shall also feature game reviews, polls and next year, feature Pokémon Adventures reviews.

Next week, I shall include other news other than Pokémon ORAS.


This week had been the unveiling of more Pokémon ORAS news (ORAS = Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)

Here is a rundown of the news throughout the days this week:


  • Canada's released date for ORAS still says November without a date on the Pokémon website in Canada.


  • Mega Sableye was confirmed, it's type is unknown for now.


  • Confirmed release date for ORAS.
    • Japan - November 21
    • US - November 21
    • Europe - November 28
  • Formes and method for Groudon & Kyogre are called, Primal and Primal Reversion.
  • Hoenn ORAS official artwork revealed



Here are the trailers for Pokémon ORAS and Pokémon Art Academy. Enjoy!


Next episode, in Japan, is "Hearts Calling to Each Other! To the Other Side of Wave-Guiding!!". It will air on June 19, 2014.


There are several notifications:

  • King Marth 64 became a rollback. You can congratulate him on his talk page.
  • Due to lack of interest, the chat is disabled until further notice.
  • Achievements are being turned on. You can read here for more information, as well as proposal for achievement ideas.
  • We are also currently in talks with Pokémon Adventures Wiki & Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wiki in merging their sites with ours, if you have a question, message me or add a comment.


Today's review is Pokémon Emerald.

Pokémon Emerald has a great storyline, due to it having two villainous team from its predecessor pair of games. It was a first for Pokémon to feature two villainous teams in a game.

Considering that the Elite Four might be difficult for some people, catching Rayquaza before finishing the game is helpful and a bonus for the player of the game.

Battle Frontier gave Pokémon a new achievement, in that you have to defeat all seven Frontier Brains, putting you best Pokémon and strategies against them.

Emerald gave a new feature that didn't return till Diamond & Pearl, re-matching Gym Leaders, it increased Gym Leaders teams as well as giving them new members to their teams.

Overall, the game has a great storyline, but lacks many post-story areas.


  • Great storyline
  • Features two villainous teams
  • Rayquaza can be caught before beating the Elite Four & Champion, Pre-Story
  • Rematches with Gym Leaders
  • Battle Frontier


  • Not many Post-Story areas


Today poll is which is your favourite Starter Pokémon from Hoenn.

Which is your favourite Starter Pokémon from Hoenn?

The poll was created at 17:27 on June 14, 2014, and so far 39 people voted.

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