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This week, we have Pokémon ORAS news, re-release of a TGC game, a special Vivillon distribution and much more.



  • Vivillon Distribution

A special Vivillon was distributed due to the achievement of one hundred million GTS (Global Trade Station) trades.

This Vivillon has a special pattern and an event-exclusive move, Hold Hand, which can only be used if there is more than one Pokémon on your side.

  • Blast from the Past – Re-release

The Game Boy Color game, Pokémon Trading Card Game (which is the same name as the card game) was confirmed to have a re-release in Europe, while in other countries it hasn’t been confirmed to be released.

The pricing is £4.49/4.99 Euros

The game has been release as of writing this blog.


  • ORAS News – Super Secret Base

New info on the RS remakes has surfaced, where a new name and features for Secret Base has appeared.

Info states a player can set their very own battle rules so the player can set their own Gym. Players can venture to other Super Secret Bases and bring back other players to their own using StreetPass or QR codes (You can create your own QR code).

By bringing players back, they become Secret Pals who have the abilities similar to Join Avenue in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2.

Flags return from Gen IV, with this you can take flags from other bases to bring them back to yours, which will increase the abilities of your Secret Pals.

A new character, Aarune, is a world traveller who is a Secret Base expert who currently resides in Hoenn with his Flygon.


  • Mega Evolution – Metagross

Metagross has acquired a Mega Evolution.

This mega evolution’s type is unknown, as with its ability.

Steven’s Metagross is confirmed to mega evolve using Steven’s brooch, as does Charizard.

It has been stated that more Pokémon are in the Hoenn Pokedex.

  • Charizard – UK Event Debut

Charizard has been confirmed to hold an event in GAME retailer stores across the UK.

This Charizard can be acquired by asking a Serial Code at the desk or via Nintendo Zone.

If a player has Pokémon X, the player will acquire a Charizard holding a Charizardite Y, while a player who has Pokémon Y, the player will acquire a Charizard holding a Charizardite X.


  • ORAS News – Artwork & Features

News on more ORAS news has arrived.

The Hoenn PokéDex has been remodelled, the shape has become similar to a Game Boy Advanced.

Costumes for Pikachu have appeared. It can be seen in use on Pokémon Amie, which appeared in ORAS.

These costumes are called:

Madam Pikachu

Masked Pikachu

Doctor Pikachu

Hard Rock Pikachu

Idol Pikachu

With this, there is new artwork for the Elite Four and Gym Leaders.


  • Mega Diancie’s Ability

As stated in the title, Mega Diancie’s ability has been unveiled as Magic Bounce.

This ability is currently available, in the Mega Pokémon sector, with Mega Sableye and Mega Absol.

This ability prevents stat-changing moves.



Wiki News

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Game Review

  • Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

The return of a villainous group, Team Plasma, causes a stir in Unova.

Ghetsis, Team Plasma’s True Leader returns with a newly formed faction of Team Plasma, this faction what to take over the Unova region.

Only one sage stayed by Ghetsis’ side, Zinzolin, who becomes an admin of the team.

With this, there is still a faction devote to N, but instead of wanting trainers to release their Pokémon, they take care of the unwanted and abused Pokémon at the Team Plasma safe house in Driftveil City.

Similar to the situation with Zinzolin, Rood stays with this faction in their support for Pokémon.

Black City and White Forest, two places with facilities on training.

Black City features a towering tower to beyond the sky, this tower has floors above ground. This place is modern with it’s shiny floors and walls.

White Forest features a giant tree, which is probably over one thousand years, its floors are below ground with the interior of roots and flowers with running water flowing through.

PWT (Pokémon World Tournament) a place for battling Gym Leaders and Champions.

In this place, you will be able to acquire items by using BP’s (Battle Points), which can be obtained by defeating a tournament here.

Iris, a former Gym Leader of Opelucid City, becomes the new champion after defeating Alder with her almighty Haxorus and Co.

Overall, the pair of games provide more excitement and anticipation for upcoming events in the games, compared to its predecessors. In the pair, there is more post-story area’s and events that gives a player of something else to achieve.

Here are the Pos and Neg’s


  • More adventures, when coming to post-story
  • A new powerful Champion
  • To set the difficulties of the games
  • PWT gives the player a chance to battle previous Gym Leaders and Champions


  • Unable to gain experience battling previous Gym Leaders and Champions
  • No previous Elite Four members to battle

Tournament News


  • Super Speed Double Battle

This is the next Battle Competition which only three Pokémon out of six are allowed.

The usual banned Pokémon are banned.

Have to be Kalos-native.

Time limit to battle is ten minutes.

Time limit to select a move is fifteen minutes.

All Pokémon level are raised or lowered to fifty.

You cannot see your opponents Pokémon before battle.

Registration: July 31st – August 7th

Tournament runs: August 8th – 10th

Participation Prize is one thousand PokéMiles.

Blog News

Future blogs will not include Japanese Pokémon events.


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