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This week, new Mega Evolutions, PokéBall Vivillon distribution and Contest information.



  • PokéBall Vivillon

The second special Vivillon is to be distributed in Europe and Australia.

This Vivillon, as the header says, has the pattern of a normal PokéBall.

This event will be from August 29th – September 8th this year.


  • New Mega Evolutions

New Mega’s have been unveiled through CoroCoro.

This magazine features the unveiling of Altaria, Slamence and Lopunny’s Mega Evolutions.

Altaria changes type from a Dragon/Flying to a Dragon/Fairy, it gains the ability, Pixilate, which turns Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves.

Salamence stays the same type but, a change in ability. Aerilate, which is similar to Pixilate but, instead of Fairy-type moves, it changes Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves.

Lopunny changes type from a Normal to Normal/Fighting, it the ability, Scrappy, which lets the user hit a Ghost-type Pokémon with Normal-type moves.

  • Contest Idol

A new character has been unveiled called Lucia, who is a Contest Idol and gives the player contest clothes. She also owns an Altaria but, it hasn’t been confirmed she can mega evolve her Altaria.

  • Pikachu Special Moves

Pikachu’s costumes have been confirmed to have special moves when they are entered into a Contest.

Here is a rundown of the costumes and special moves:

Pikachu Rock Star acquires Meteor Mash

Pikachu Ph. D acquires Electric Terrain

Pikachu Pop Star acquires Draining Kiss

Pikachu Belle acquires Icicle Crash

Pikachu Libre acquires Flying Press

  • Shiny Beldum

There is a shiny Beldum event to be released, once Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire has come out. This Beldum has a Mega Stone attached to it. So far, no other details have been unveiled.


  • Mega Contests

It has been unveiled that Pokémon can mega evolve in Contests.


  • New Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Info

Here is a rundown:

  • New info has been released by Pokémon
  • The Contest Idol, Lucia's Western name is Lisia. She also has a hairpin that stores a Mega Stone.
  • Horde Encounters are now in Hoenn.
  • Pikachu's Costumes can be used in battles.
  • The Beldum event will run from November 21st 2014 till an unknown date.
  • Once the Excite Meter (a new feature in contests) is at its max, you can Mega Evolve.
  • Mega Altaria has a boost in Attack, Defense and S.P. Attack.
  • Mega Salamence has a boost in Defense.
  • Mega Lopunny has a boost in Attack and Speed.
  • You are able to take pictures of yourself with Pokémon for Contests
  • Team Magma/Team Aqua will battle you in a similar manner to a Horde Encounter.
  • New artwork for the PokéBlock maker and storage with a new interior for Contest Tents.

Game Review

  • Pokémon X & Y

Kalos, a region full of style and history.

Lumiose City, a place similar to Paris, has an array of restaurants, coffee shops, square and many other buildings making it the capital of Kalos and in this city lurks the Gym Leader Clemont whose Gym is inside the Lumiose Tower.

Cyllage City, a place of mountains and hill, has a huge mountain at the side of the City where Grant, the Gym Leader of the city, has his gym at the side of the mountain.

Shalour City, a place of mystery and secrets, has a tower called Tower of Mastery where the secrets of Mega Evolution and the story of the first Mega Evolution is. Korrina, the Gym Leader, has a Gym based of rollerskates.

Overall, this region has some great areas and some downsides to it.

Here is a rundown of the Pos and Neg’s:


  • A similar facility to the Battle Frontier and Battle Subway
  • Able to re-battle Gym Leaders


  • No modes to change the difficulties in the games
  • No re-battle parties for the Elite Four
  • No full parties when re-battling the Gym Leaders



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