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This week, a relay, a consort, a shiny template, an update for an iOS game and more!.

Game News


  • Mark a date for a concert

A new date for the Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions Tour has been announced for America

The date is January 17th 2015 and will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


  • Watching Diancie on an adventure

The special short episode, Diancie, Princess of the Diamond Domain, has been uploaded on the official site.

  • Drawing a shiny ghost

The template for shiny Gengar has been released for the Art Academy.

It’s accessed in the Free Paint mode.

  • More fun for the iOS

An update for TCG Online app on iPad for the inclusion of XY – Phantom Forces.

The set can be unlocked by using Trainer tokens.


  • A Storm of Diamonds is brewing

For players in Europe and Australia, Diancie has been distributed.

To acquire Diancie, players with have to go to specific store(s).

These stores as follows for countries:

  • United Kingdom – GAME
  • France - FNac & Micromania
  • Spain – GAME & Toy’s ‘R’ Us
  • Netherlands – Bart Smit & Intertoys
  • Germany – GameStop
  • Italy – GameStop
  • Denmark – GameStop
  • Sweden – GameStop
  • Norway – GameStop
  • Finland – GameStop


  • Chinese whispers… using your 3DS

The Eon Ticket is to be pass out in the UK at a launch event on the 29th of this month where Junichi Masuda, one of the directors of Game Freak, will be giving it out the event item to winners of a certain event at the launch event of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. 15 winners will be sent to various GAME stores across the UK to spread it out using StreetPass. The spreading of the event item has been called The Great Eon Ticket Relay.

In America, Serial Codes are to be given out on the 21st of this month to the Play! Pokémon Organisers and heads of StreetPass groups, from there, the Eon Ticket can be passed out.


  • A Debut of the Revived

News has come that Brendan and May will be in a special on 16th of this month, these two characters are based on the ones from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It is currently unknown what this special will bring but, it does have the Hoenn Starters.

Pokémon Leaks

Two or three weeks ago, leaks came out of the hacking of the demo of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Here are links to each specific subject:

This link leads to the mug-shots of trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion,

This link leads to the Pokémon trainer teams.

This link leads to the wild encounters.

This link leads to the move tutors.

This link leads to the level-up moves.

This link leads to the egg moves.

This link leads to the Pokémon trainer teams with the Pokémon abilities and moves.

This link leads to the Nation PokéDex of Hoenn.

They are most likely to be true since they are in the coding but, a few things could’ve been held back in the creation of the demo. For example, the Battle Frontier could return yet it’s not in the demo’s coding.

Wiki News

We currently have a forum on the revival of PokéPower. To add a comment, click [9].



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