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This week, news on Pokken, a new episode and confirmation on new moves for Kyogre and Groudon.



  • Pokken Interview

The latest issue of Famitsu has an interview with the developers of Pokken Tournament. They stated the game is 30% completed with the first demo expected to run next year. Tsunekazu, the head of The Pokémon Company stated that he wishes for the game to have a place alongside the main series games and the TCG at the Pokémon World Championships.


  • Pokémon ORAS News

People who download the digital version of each game will receive 12 Quick Balls.

When downloading it, it requires 1.8GB, which is 100MB more than XY.

  • Shiny Beldum News

The Shiny Beldum event will run from November 21st 2014 – January 14th 2015.


  • New Episode

Japanese magazine, Newtype, has revealed a new episode for Japan.

This episode is called “The Clumsy Wigglytuff VS the Rampaging Salamence!!

This episode is about Ash & Co. finding about a Wigglytuff from a Pokémon Centre who panics when they hear about a rampage from a nearby Salamence.


  • New Moves confirmation

The previous images seen in Pokémon Get TV where Kyogre and Groudon have been seen using the animation of two unseen move animations have been confirmed on Get TV that they are new moves.

The names of these moves still haven’t been released.


  • Pokémon: Indigo League season

The very first season of the Pokémon anime, Indigo League stars the main protagonist, Ash Ketchum, starting his journey with Misty and Brock, two Gym Leaders. On their way, they meet three Team Rocket members, Jessie, James and Meowth, who attempt to steal Pikachu, a Pokémon Ash started the journey with. The way to the Indigo League was a long one for the heroes, who meet many new people, Pokémon and experience.


  • Focuses on the story, often not based on games
  • Has a lot of funny, humorous scenes
  • Some Gym Badges are earned in different ways


  • Has much more episodes than any other season
  • Some scenes are censored

Pokémon Wiki News

  • Unblocked

A few users from the past have been unblocked from Jazzi’s delusional witch-hunt. Here are the listed:

All of Jazzi’s accounts have been banned and had their respective user rights stripped including the bot.


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