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This week, Pokémon Orchestra?, Pokémon Dress?, Europe’s Pokémon Art Academies Kyogre & Groudon templates and many more.



  • Pokémon Orchestra

The Pokémon Company announced a special tour for America called Pokémon Symphonic Evolution Tour, which features an orchestra playing music across all generations of Pokémon.

The following are the so-far claimed date of the tour:

August 15th – Washington, DC Warner Theatre

September 19th – Philadelphia, PA Mann Center

  • Pokémon Episodes Online

Pokémon the Series: X & Y series have been released on iTunes in the UK and US.

It has been released in two volumes 11 & 12 episodes (4 for Vol. 2 in the UK), with more episodes to be uploaded in the future.

Here is the pricing:

Individual Episodes:

HD: £2.49/$2.99

SD: £1.89/$1.99


HD: £19.99/$21.99

SD: £18.99/$19.99


  • Pokémon Special Battle

Info on season five, the upcoming season for special battle in Pokémon X & Y, have been announced.

Here are the rules:

No items are allowed

All major legendary Pokémon are banned


  • Art Academy – Europe’s Release

The game has been released in Europe on eShop and stores.

The game is £29.99 and 34.99 euro’s to buy in stores and download. It takes 322.5 MB for SD cards and 2580 blocks if downloaded.

  • Pokémon Dress

For girls who love Pokémon, you’ll love this.

Poprageous have bought in a Pokémon dress with over 150 Pokémon.

It costs $95


  • Europe’s Art Academy Release

Groudon’s template has been released which will runs with Kyogre in the next several weeks.

Their distribution dates are as follows:

  • Groudon

July 4th – 20th & August 4th – 17th

  • Kyogre

July 21st – August 3rd & August 18th – 31st

Anime News


  • New Episode

A new episode has been announced featuring the debut of Trevenant

This episode is called 'The Trevenant from the Wriggling Forest' and will air August 7th in Japan.

Upcoming Episodes

Next episode in Japan is 'The Forest Champion! Enter Hawlucha!!'. It will air July 10th.

Next episode in US is A Battle by Any Other Name!. It will air July 12th.

Wiki news

Shockstorm is running to become a rollback! You can vote for his user rights request here.

Game Review

  • Pokémon Platinum

Distortion World, a place of punishment for Giratina's misdeeds

In this place, it is similar to Earth but here, gravity can act strange, for instance, something that looks like the ground can be above you.

Team Galactic has a new scientist called Charon he is in charge of the ongoing projects.

Spear Pillar, as known for summoning Dialga and Palkia. This is the place Giratina drags Cyrus into the Distortion World.

Battle Frontier, a returning feature is in Sinnoh with new members and a new look.

Palmer, the one is known as the so-called head of them, is the hardest out of them with his Rhyperior, Regigigas and his Heatran.

Overall, this game features more than Diamond and Pearl since it's a third version. It features other that can now be caught in Sinnoh#

Review News

Future reviews that feature a third version will not feature a positive and negative section.

This includes Pokémon Yellow and Crystal.

This excludes Pokémon Black 2 & White 2.


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