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Pokemon News - 06-03-16

Ellis99 March 14, 2016 User blog:Ellis99

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This week, Shuffle events, 3DS themes, Pokken, etc.

Game News


Shuffle events!

More Shuffle events have been released.

A challenge for Kabutops has been released which will run till March 15th, 2016 for Shuffle and Mobile.

A challenge for Machamp has also been released which will run till March 8th 2016.

A challenge for Darkrai has also been released which will run till March 15th 2016.

A Daily challenge has been released which will run till March 15th 2016 for Mobile. It features Dunsparce, Qwilfish, Durant and Maractus.

To receive these, you must update the app.

The rewards for the Mega Charizard X challenge are now available.


The Pokken Tournament Championships Series will have an event at the CEO 2016 in Orlando, Florida on June 24th-26th, where you’ll earn Championship Points in order to make it to the Pokken Tournament World Championships. It will be played using a double elimination format.

Battle Competition

The next Battle Competition has been announced. It follows the rules of the previous competition. To see, have a look through our previous news blogs.

Registration runs from March 17th to 24th and the battles run from 25th to 27th.

All entrants get 2000 PokéMiles and top players get Championship Points.



Specifics on how the Shadow Mewtwo card works have been revealed. It has been confirmed that it only works temporarily, until you power off the game. It can’t be set as a partner until it has been unlocked in the gameplay.


It was announced that on March 14th, John Hanke from Niantic was to host a presentation on Pokémon GO at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

It, unfortunately, has been cancelled due to Niantic focusing their efforts on preparing the games and beta test.

New themes

Two brand new themes in Japan for the 3DS have been revealed.

These themes are based on the upcoming movie in Japan.

One features some of the poster for XYZ an the other feature Volcanion.

To get these, go to Pokémon Centers, Aeon Malls, Eidon, Ito-Yokado, oys R Us, Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera and Fuji stores.


Kanto Classic!

The Kanto Classic Battle Competition has begun. For details, have a look at our previous news blogs.

Battles run from March 4 to 6th.

Special Battle – Season 15

The rules for Special Battle – Season 15 have been unveiled.

The rules are the same as the VGC 2016 this year. For details, have a looks through our previous news blogs.

This will run from March 15th to mid-May.


It has been confirmed that Japanese field tests for Pokémon GO are to runs in March.

Recruitment has started on the official site but it is currently location locked to Japan.


JapanFlag Upcoming episode in Japan UnitedStatesFlag Upcoming episode in US
XY111 Left and Right! The Indecisive Binacle!! XY097 A Fiery Rite of Passage!
Pokémon the Series: XYZ


United States
Flag of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Date: February 27th 2016 - March 31st 2017 251 Date: March 1st – 24th 2016 251 Date: March 1st – 28th 2016 251
Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 377 Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 377 Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 377
Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 378 Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 378 Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 378
Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 379 Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 379 Date: March 4th – 31st 2016 379


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