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This week, Shuffle events, Hoopa in Australasia, RBGY info, new episode, Rumble World physical release and more!

Game News


Hoopa in Australia AND New Zealand?

The Hoopa event has started in Australia and New Zealand. It will be running at JB Hi-Fi, EB Games and Big W in Australia and JB Hi-Fi and EB Games in New Zealand.


Red, Blue, Green and Yellow make…

It has been confirmed that Red, Blue, Green and Yellow will not have the Restore Points used in Virtual Console games.

It is assumed the reason why they are not in them is because you can save the game without it and to prevent cloning of Pokémon.

Keeps those Shuffles coming!

An update for more stages has been released and new states have been added to the Mobile version too.

Shuffle events!

More Shuffle events have been released.

A Safari has been released which houses Cherubi, Cherrim, Carvanha, Sharpedo and Spinda which will run till February 2nd, 2016.

A challenge for Zekrom has also been released which will run till February 2nd, 2016.


Shuffle Mobile

In some areas of the world were Shuffle hasn’t been released, it has been released. These areas include:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • South Korea

With it, a new update has been released, which is 1.5.0.


It’s that time again!

Registration for the next Battle Competition has begun. This is 2016 International Challenge, which is a Double Battle and with the similar rules in the previous news blog.

Registration runs till the January 28th.

All entrants get 2000 PokéMiles and Championship Points will be given to the Top 256 players.


Rumble World!

The physical version of Rumble World has been released in Europe.

It comes with the micro-transaction limit complete and giving you 3000 PokéDiamonds on the outset and gives you the PokéDiamond Mine from the beginning.


Continental Mew!

Mew is confirmed to be given in the US and Canada via GameStop and EB Games.

Shuffle Code!

A code for Shuffle has been release. It gives 3000 coins and will run till February 23rd. The code is 20160123.

Anime News


When the past and present come together

All Pokémon movies have been released wit the first movies of the franchise being remastered. They are on iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play now.


New episode!

A new episode title has been unveiled.

The episode is called. The Explosive Land’s Wrath! Operation: Capture Zygarde!!, which is set to air February 11th, 2016.


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