I personally feel like there are too many Mega Evolution-able Pokemon. I mean, when it was first introduced, it was acceptable, what with it being in specific Pokemon, it was awesome! Sure, it made powerful Pokemon more OP, but it was the first shot, so it was fine!

But now, with OR and AS being introduced, there's (SPOILERS) Mega Metagross, Mega Salamence, Mega Altaria, Mega Loppuny (IDK how to spell), Mega SLOWBRO (?), and Mega Audino (WTHeckles).Who else feels like too many Megas these days?

And I'm pretty sure there's going to Mega Sharpedo and Camerupt because of Archie and Maxie. GameFreak, do us a favor and give it to the Pokemon who actually need it, like the pseudo-legendaris and some more legendaries, not those Pokemon who would probably be absolutely useless (looking at Audino and Slowbro)>.

Just my opinions, who else agrees with me?

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