She goes wild on the fandom high, Not a good deed to be seen. The Kalos of isolation, Serena is the queen.

The wind is hailing like the "Swirlix" storm inside. Can't keep her in, producers can't let her arrive.

Don't let her in, don't let fans see. Make a cute girl that they like to see. Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know. Well, now I know!

Let her go, let her go, can't hold her back anymore! Let her go, let her go, throw her away and ignore.

I don't care what they going to say, let my storm rage on. The cold never bother me anyway.

Okay guys, I made this song from the first part of Let it go as I lost hope in Iris' cameo episodes. Actually the producers should let her come to face the fairies.

But well... I will face the truth and write she is the first female lead not to return if she vanished in this anime.

PS.Serena is too girly!!!

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