Alrighty, let’s try to come up with some sort of backstory

(!Subject to change!)

The region's starting town is Genesis Sprout

Overlooking the town is a lab headed by Professor Yew

The gyms in this region tend to be more themed, though the towns themselves specialize in a certain type

Arlora Meadow specializes in grass type Pokémon and as such, their gym is woodland themed. To the right of Arlora Meadow is a greenhouse with a plethora of exotic flora. To the South-West and to the centre of Arlora Meadow are Forests. Ruins lie within the South-Western forest, whilst the central forest surrounds a glade where people reside. The Longevity Badge is awarded to anyone who can defeat the gym.

Ruyi Valley has, at its centre, bonfires surrounded by circular stones. At the heart of these is a semi-exposed orange orb engulfed by flame, known as the sun-sphere. At the valley’s south is charcoal forest, where the burnt remnants of what were once tree trunks now stand. The forest’s soil is silt like and is constantly warm. To the west of Ruyi valley is a massive, active volcano. The volcano and its immediate surroundings are inhabited solely by Pokémon. Ruyi valley’s east is more well-equipped for human settlement. Defeating the gym will earn you a Solstice Badge.

Hydropolis Metro is structured around pre-existing interconnecting concentric circles of water and land. To its north, at the entrance gate of the metro, is a lake with floating platforms of ice. To the South-East of Hydropolis Metro geysers spout up, and in the South-West, on either side of a land bridge at the metro’s exit, are waterfalls. Overcoming the gym’s challenge means the Torrential Badge is awarded to you.

Electri City is always bustling with some sort of activity. Its streets are lined with electronic screens displaying periodically changing commercials/ads. An abandoned power plant sits to its north beyond a river. On the north shore of Electri City is a lighthouse. In remote parts of the city are thick cables that arch up and over into the ground and sitting atop a cliff is a Frankenstein-esque castle. Victory over the gym means you attain the Strike Badge.

Avien Heights is situated atop a plateau-like area. Step-like formations and naturally occurring pillars accentuate the elevated appearance of Avien heights. Due to the altitude, clouds will sometimes float through the heights. Often, you will find Flying- and Psychic-type Pokémon here. Up for the taking is the Celestial Badge for those able enough to defeat the gym.

On the way to the next town is a Japanese pagoda-style tower where silk threads hang down and attach to the ground

Draxcio Hollow has amassed quite the treasure trove. Alabaster, platinum, ivory, gold and silver can be found guarded by the dragons within the city. A bridge, lined with columns (a differing dragon statue atop each) is used to traverse a raging river. On these columns, under the watchful eye of more dragons are pearls and jewels. Beyond the bridge, atop a cliff, is a castle that overlooks the sea. Here you will find the gym; defeat it and the Infinite Badge is yours.

Gorgophix Chasm gym is in the spooky mansion that’s been owned by the Gym Leader's family for generations. Gorgophix Chasm has many a ghost story linked to it, and boy will you experience your fair share when you explore the town. Defeating the gym will earn you the Spirit Badge and for most that would mean defeating the current gym leader, but while I was there I unknowingly faced off against his ancestor’s ghost…

Excalibur Port has a colosseum! At Excalibur Port’s South-West is a Quarry where precious stones, coal, minerals and metals can be found. To the south west of the colosseum is a cenote. Overhead a railway runs over the cenote into the centre of Excalibur port where skyscrapers stand tall. Mountain ranges occupy the north and south of the port, whilst a coastline, with a dock, is located to the east. Those wishing to claim the Monolith Badge must first conquer the gym which is within the Colosseum.

Beyond this is victory road, the elite four and, if you’re skilled enough, the champion

Oh! Almost forgot to mention, the badges fit together to form one symbol, to qualify for entrance into the elite 4 league challenge you have to piece them together. After that you best be prepared because if you’re even remotely off you’ll have to start all over. The elite 4 and champion all have mixed type teams and a full team of six Pokémon each.

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