• Dewandrop

    Alrighty, let’s try to come up with some sort of backstory

    (!Subject to change!)

    The region's starting town is Genesis Sprout

    Overlooking the town is a lab headed by Professor Yew

    The gyms in this region tend to be more themed, though the towns themselves specialize in a certain type

    Arlora Meadow specializes in grass type Pokémon and as such, their gym is woodland themed. To the right of Arlora Meadow is a greenhouse with a plethora of exotic flora. To the South-West and to the centre of Arlora Meadow are Forests. Ruins lie within the South-Western forest, whilst the central forest surrounds a glade where people reside. The Longevity Badge is awarded to anyone who can defeat the gym.

    Ruyi Valley has, at its centre, bonfires surrounded by circular st…

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