Hello fellow Pokemon fans! If you would be as kind as to dedicate a few minutes of your time for my sake, it would truly be appreciated. I would like to announce the launch of another Pokemon Fanon themed wikia, where fellow fans of the franchise can come together and produce quality content. Now, I am quite aware that there are several other Pokemon Fanon wikias out there, though there is a reason I have decided to create a newer one; reasons will be explained below.

From what I have seen, the many wikias that dedicate themselves to Pokemon have established very measly standards; often pages are left incomplete and follow a very subtle format. Furthermore, it seems as though everyone is only after their own story lines; very rarely will any two users collaborate with one another. Finally, all the wikias seem to base themselves off of the game, as opposed to the anime and manga —I wanted to make one specifically for a role-playing community, that tied into the premise presented to use with the anime and manga.

So because I promised to keep this short, I will now offer a brief explanation of our wikia. If you are at all interested in creating your own Pokemon trainer, with your own party of Pokemon; becoming a gym leader and awaiting the challenges of other trainers; challenging the elite four to create a name for yourself, look no further. This is a wikia that bases everything off text play, so much of it will depend on your writing skills, as opposed to how many pigeys you have defeated in game.

For a unique experience, please visit the Pocket Monsters Fanon Wiki and begin your journey today! Questions and such will be answered within the comment section below.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you become apart of our community soon!!

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