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Pokewar-Kalos vs Kantos

This story is about and was created in my mind from a picture from the amazing drawer DaisyDuke14 on Deviantart.She drew a Meowstic in a war,and later commented that the female Meowstic was in a war,Kalos vs Kantos.I decided to make a story on it.

These are some soldiers...

KINDLE CAMERA 1391204936000

Seargeant Volt


Seargeant Volt

Male Ampharos

Has scar on right cheek,and has ripped ears.Normal color.Quiet and judging at first,bur is kind and talkative as a friend.Weapon in war is grenades.

"My orbs help me recharge electrical power for my attacks."


Thunder Bolt, Thunder Shock,Thunder Punch,Volt Tackle

Second soldier...
KINDLE CAMERA 1391204992000

2 Star General Cyan

2 Star General Cyan

Male Snorlax

Has small nip in right ear.Large and scary looking,but actually very sweet.Never falls asleep when full of food.Sleeps at night.Weapon in war is AK74.

"Beware of my Hyper Beam,with 150 damage..."


Headbutt,Hyper Beam,Body Slam,Double Edge

Last of my soldiers for now...

KINDLE CAMERA 1391205021000

2 Star General Shade

2 Star General Shade

Vicious and hard to gain trust of.Family was killed by a angry Magmortar.Joined Kalos as she wanted revenge on Kalos.Scar on arm and Slightly ripped ear.Has 2 tails.Weapon in war is her bare fists.



Aura Sphere,Close Combat,HM Strength,Rock Smash

And our honorary Kalos originating soldier...

I m at war by daisyduke14-d759zrx

Name is unknown...rank is unknown...personality is unknown...Apparently,her tail was injured.Weapon unknown...

"I will survive for my husband and son..."



I will make more soldiers for now.

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