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    Pokewar-Kalos vs Kantos

    February 10, 2014 by Daisiesclass

    This story is about and was created in my mind from a picture from the amazing drawer DaisyDuke14 on Deviantart.She drew a Meowstic in a war,and later commented that the female Meowstic was in a war,Kalos vs Kantos.I decided to make a story on it.

    These are some soldiers...


    Seargeant Volt

    Male Ampharos

    Has scar on right cheek,and has ripped ears.Normal color.Quiet and judging at first,bur is kind and talkative as a friend.Weapon in war is grenades.

    "My orbs help me recharge electrical power for my attacks."


    Thunder Bolt, Thunder Shock,Thunder Punch,Volt Tackle

    Second soldier...

    2 Star General Cyan

    Male Snorlax

    Has small nip in right ear.Large and scary looking,but actually very sweet.Never falls asleep when full of food.Sleeps at night.Weapon…

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