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  • clemont is a member of the S.B.I. but he got fired by sally and replaced by doowee after he kissed lilla.
  • doowee kissed serena for the first time but ash beats him up due to he hates him kissing serena.
  • sally bollywood wants to be the kalos queen!
  • tomy is trying to make a clemont figure. 2 days later, tomy finally made it. 2 weeks later, the clemont figure was recalled due to the sharp yellow thing on top.
  • thinkchip is making sally bollywood plushies!
  • clemont and bonnie were featured as cilents in from bombay with love by sally bollywood.
  • the very first pilot of sally bollywood is called adventures with sally and clemont. it first aired in late 2004.
  • doowee's french name is citron.
  • olympia is sally's mom.
  • thinkchip made the serena music box.
  • the ash and serena plush in thailand are batteries not included.
  • the thinkchip ash was found in pokemon on tour in june.

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