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    September 13, 2015 by CaveJohnson

    I got a Lvl1 Giritina off the GTS, and it's shiny. (Don't ask how)

    At first I thought it was legit. (Because I was under the belief cheated Pokemon can't be traded over GTS anymore.)

    However it says 'Caught soaring in the sky at Lvl 50' 

    problem with that is, as I previously said...

    IT'S LEVEL 1!

    The reason i'm posting this blog post is, I want to know if I what I received is legit today.

    is this some sort of glitch? because I wasn't under the belief lowering a Pokemon's level was even possible.

    is it hacked? what is it?!

    If anyone could explain, it would be greatly appreciated,

    knowing whether it is or not will be what decides on whether or not I keep it.

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