• Caterpie-Face

    Hello, i'm caterpie-face, and I am currently doing a water mono run in Alpha Sapphire. I'll just be randomly updating because I clearly have nothing else to do.. So this is probably part 1 or something.

    So I obviously started out with Mudkip, once the professor needed my help (useless old bag). Anyways, it turns out my Mudkip is.. Serious! Which is not good, nor bad. It's just there. But I guess since Mudkip's attack is 12, I might just use it as a physical attacker (if I keep him in the first place)

    Hopefully, I don't run into a shiny pokemon while i'm pokeball-less. That would make this so much more harder than it needs to. I just want to go, find whatever the professor's daughter's name is, battle her, and not encounter a shiny pokemon.

    A …

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