To you all of the Pokemon wiki, i have something  interesting to show to you all. 

Alright, lets get more specific. To those who click the link you will find my five Pokemon desktop regions(six posts, Kanto is the only one with both a Macontosh and Windows look, this is because i started this whole thing on a Mac). Now from there, click whichever one you want. You will notice the folders that correspond with the locations of the game.

While this isn't shown anywhere on my DA account each folder has everything its "game counterpart" has. For example, in Kanto the pallet town folder has the houses and Oak's lab. Each city has its Pokecenter, pokemart, houses, and the gym, within each gym is the the leaders stadium where the gym leader is, with them is a gym badges and pokemon folder. In the latter there's one Pokeball for each of their Pokemon. For example. Brock has a geodude and onix, get the idea. Although i find myself constantly visiting Bulbapedia for the moves and abilities of the gym leader's Pokemon. Because it's difficult to memorize ever last one of them. 

I add trainers to the mix and they get their "Pokegear " folder, fit with five Pokeballs and the starters pokeball, a badge case and item case. A pokedex, and later on, a "pokemon card(a text document with their all pokemon's attacks, ability, gender and nature on it, originally i tried to memorize the data for every single trainer's Pokemon) I find myself visiting Serebii a lot to see when each Pokemon learns a new move at whatever level, because alongside every gym leader's Pokemon's data that is also hard to cram into my mind. 

Now on routes, on most of them you will find a "tall grass" folder filled with Pokemon you'd find in whatever location it is. This is where i used the Pokedex features of this wiki, as i use the ken sugimori artwork. This is where this wiki comes in handy, if not vital. I use the (whatever) Pokedex page to drag the image of whatever Pokemon to where it needs to be. 

Continuing forward, by controlling each trainer they do the obvious. Battle whenever they come across each other. Captur ing the wild Pokemon as they please(with the limit of six, naturally)they can even trade Pokemon(although i mostly only do that for Pokemon that need to be traded to evolve). 

And of course. They challenge the gym leaders in hopes of obtaining all eight badges for the league tournaments. The winner gets to battle their region's elite four and champion in hopes of you know what. The two requirements to enter being obtaining eight badges and at least six Pokemon. Unlike what we've seen in the anime all the battles in my tournaments are six on six. 

As we've all seen Ash Ketchum do, trainers are able to visit more then one region(i made five accounts on my computer just for this, all i need to do is use a flash drive)and you know the rest. I go in a cycle of Kanto-Hoenn-Johto-Sinnoh. I just made Unova recently so that's kind of thrown out of the wavelength. I actually started doing this before Pokemon X and Y were announced. So naturally Kalos doesn't exist on my computer yet.

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