• Caseather

    Pokemon desktops

    August 25, 2014 by Caseather

    To you all of the Pokemon wiki, i have something  interesting to show to you all. 

    Alright, lets get more specific. To those who click the link you will find my five Pokemon desktop regions(six posts, Kanto is the only one with both a Macontosh and Windows look, this is because i started this whole thing on a Mac). Now from there, click whichever one you want. You will notice the folders that correspond with the locations of the game.

    While this isn't shown anywhere on my DA account each folder has everything its "game counterpart" has. For example, in Kanto the pallet town folder has the houses and Oak's lab. Each city has its Pokecenter, pokemart, houses, and the gym, within each gym is the the leaders stadium where the gym leader is, with…

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