I was so excited for the release of pokemon alpha sapphire and omegaruby. But scince i had to wait half a year, i figured i should play my gen 3 games. Because my GBC games had their batteries fried to death. X-X. I tried my ruby. It still worked, but i had so many lv. 100s that i didnt want to reset. So i let it be.

My sapphire didnt allow me to se my continue. It kept saying "the game cannot read the file at this time."

Well that was dumb. I finally tried emerald. I had so many pokemon, a full pokedex, and every pokemon in gen 3. No way i was erasing this one.

This was really pissing me off. I had no gen 3 games to play, and my cousin had my fr and lg games. I decided to try sapphire one more time. Finally, it let me play. But i guess it glitched out because all the tiles were neon colors and brenden couldnt move. I pressed a and then it just glitched breden out.

I reset my game, and this time i chose may. I started in the truck as usual, but something was not right. There were no boxes. I thought that was weird. I did notice 9 pokeballs scatered around the truck though. A textbox suddenly appeared.

"oh no! I dropped my pokeballs! I hope they didnt break." i think that was may, but i wasnt certain. I checked the balls. Every pokemon except the fire types had their heads chopped off. And blood gushing out. I got shocked for a second, thinking about what was going on. I tapped the fire types balls and i picked them all up. They all new the same attacks, nightmare, flamethrower, and they all new different moves as well. One knew screech, one knew perish song, and one knew strangle. I didnt know what strangle was, but i didnt dare check. It was a ??? Type move. They all had wierd names too. Charmander was "sleeper" cyndaquil was "singer" and torchic was "strangler". I hopped out of the truck. Instead of being in litleroot, i was in the abandoned ship. The unown radio theme was playing. The truck vanished, my mom or dad wasnt there. I checked my card. May had a different looking sprite. It looked as if she was redesigned in hg ss.

I saw another box. It said "ILL SAVE YOU..." I dont know what it was. I walked a bit more. Another box appeared. "IM HUNGRY....STILL HUNGRY!!!" and a battle was engagued. It was buried alive. May had a different back sprite. She looked like she was crying. I couldnt do anything. "may is unable to move from fear!" buried alive beat me in one hit with an attack called eat. May fell to the floor. Buried alive began to crawl towards here. "more meat...!" he said. A scene appeared with may crying, buried alive about to eat her. Suddenly, i heard charmander, cyndaquill and torchic's crys. They suddenly use flamethrower. And buried alive fell to the floor. May's clothes also caught on fire, and she fell too. The pokemon began using nitemare on buried alive. He was turning all ashy and black from the fire. The 3 pokemon used their moves. Charmander used screech. Buried alive began growling. Cyndaquill used perish song. Buried alive began howling loudly and shouting gibberish. Then, torchic used strangle and grabbed buried alive's neck. He began squealing like some dragon creature. Torchic finally tightened his grip and ripped buried alives neck off of his body, and burned his head. He died. The screen went black for a few seconds.

"ch..charmander...cynda...quilll...torchic?" said may. The cries were heard. Suddenly, it said, charmander used flash! And the screen was lit up. May had none of her clothes on. Her pants dissapeared. Her shirt dissapeared. Her bandana was gone. She said, "why.. Are my clothes gone?" cyndaquill started writing something in blood. " he burned your overclothes. " she was confused. It suddenly began playing lavender town. There were corpeses of pokemon and people all Around the terrain. I checked the card again. May looked the same, except she looked weaker and sad. She also had no overclothes on. She had a blood spot on her shoulder, probably from buried alive. She walkedwith herpokemon a little bit, i wasnt doing anything. She saw a pokeball. She pressed it. A mew cameout, a bloody, zombie mew. She sent out cyndaquill. He used nightmare. The mew woke up right away. It used ender strike. It was a huge ball ow shadows that smashed cyndaquill. The screen faded in white. May was on the ground. In a graveyard. Her pokemon were crying. May said "im dying. Im sorry my pokemon." then, "its all your fault (my name)" her eyes closed. Pokemon towers theme began playing. The screen very slowly began fading into black. Then,my gameboy shut off.

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