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Which would Choose N?

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Which Pokémon would choose N.

Reshiram is the pokémon that chose Truth Zekrom is the pokémon that chose Ideals N believes that Pokémon should be Free from the Abuse of trainers, and let's face it, Pokémon were not meant to fight each other to the point of exhaustion for the Owner's enjoyment. Let's say, For Example Zekrom chose the Hero fighting N, N what's pokémon to be free, which the truth is pokémon were never made to be slaves. But the Hero wants pokémon to be captured and battle each other which is basically Trainer's Ideals. Also in Pokémon Black Electricity Drys up Kilo litres of water, something which basically defies nature far beyond that of what pokémon are usually capable of, but fire on the other hand would make much more sense. This information may seem Biased but I'm viewing it probably the way a Pokémon probably would view it.

Which would pick N

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