Hey guyz! If any of you read manga of pokemon and have at least read 1 volume, plz join Project Manga which is an official PokePower Project. Visit this link to know more. 

We need members and we need more members, Auditions will close on 20th of this April and will start again on July 10th.

Members needed (Can take any job except for certain jobs)

Punishment does not depend on jobs. The Chief Editor and the normal editor, The Head Illustrator and the normal illustrator will receive same punishments and even President will be kicked out.

Presidential Positions

President of Project Manga (Occupied) - AdventureWriter28

Vice President of Project Manga (Vacancy x1, shall be selected by President) - WANTED

Editing Department

The duty of this department is to create a written story for each chapter.

Chief Editor of Manga Department (Occupied)- AdventureWriter28

Deputy Chief Editor of Manga Department (Vacancy x1) - WANTED

Editors (Vacancy x 7) - WANTED

Illustration Department

The duty of this department is to illustrate the chapters for better understanding and visual treats.

Head Illustrator (Occupied) - Arceus The God of Pokemon

Asst. Head Illustrator (Vacancy x1) - WANTED

Illustrators (Vacancy x7) - WANTED

Supervision Department

The duty of this department is to supervise editing done by the Editing and Illustration Dept.

Chief Supervisor (Vacancy x1) - WANTED

Editing Supervisor (Vacancy x1) - WANTED

Illustration Supervisor (Vacancy x1) - WANTED


Each job has a certain duty, such as follows.

President - The President decides everything. However, the President can be kicked out if the majority speaks against him/her.

Vice President - Assists the President. Again, can be kicked out by majority

Chief Editor - In charge of editing.

Deputy Chief Editor - Assists the Chief Editor

Editors - Contributes in editing.

Head Illustrator - In charge of illustration.

Asst. Head Illustrator - Assists the Head Illustrator.

Illustrators - Contributes in illustration.

Chief Supervisor - In charge of supervision.

Editing Supervisor - Supervises the edits (vandalizm or trolling) done by the Editing Dept.

Illustration Supervisor - Supervises the illustrations (if they are obscure or vulgar) by the Illustration Dept.

So overall, I wish to say that no one outranks anyone. Got it?