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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    3 years ago, when I left this wiki, it was full of life, bustling with activity. Edits seemed to overload the recent wiki page. This was a time when Generation 5 episodes were running. You should've seen it back in the day... Now 3 years and 1 generation later, when I returned to this wiki, I find that it has lost a lot of its former glory. Though I was saddened to see that only a few productive users struggling hard to sustain this place, hats off to them for their work. 

    Now, I know that I have no right or authority to say this. I'm not criticizing, merely stating my observations. The changes that have taken place are drastic. Although, I still cannot understand why this wiki has lost a lot of its activity. PokePower is defunct. (merely a…

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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    Hey guyz! If any of you read manga of pokemon and have at least read 1 volume, plz join Project Manga which is an official PokePower Project. Visit this link to know more. 

    We need members and we need more members, Auditions will close on 20th of this April and will start again on July 10th.

    Members needed (Can take any job except for certain jobs)

    Punishment does not depend on jobs. The Chief Editor and the normal editor, The Head Illustrator and the normal illustrator will receive same punishments and even President will be kicked out.

    President of Project Manga (Occupied) - AdventureWriter28

    Vice President of Project Manga (Vacancy x1, shall be selected by President) - WANTED

    The duty of this department is to create a written story for each c…

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