Well, maybe many of you already know that I've recently finished the Type pages with a remodelling and reconstruction (if you haven't seen them, you can check these links: 402, 571, 621, 405, 036, 068, 324, 398, 477, 673, 028, 614, 217, 024, 326, 526, 601, 419) But what I finished was just the basic part, I want to change some things. The first change is to add the icons of the Pokémon. In fact, I've already done it with Dragon type, but at the end it didn't convince me too much, that's why I haven't kept editing the others.

So, what do you say? Do I make that change to the other pages or not? Also, if you have something to say about those pages and would like something changed, please let me know right here.

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