Hi Pokémon Wiki, this is my first blog in this Wiki, and I want to start by talking about something that really doesn’t fit here.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve just finished adding the categories “Small Pokémon”, “Medium-Sized Pokémon”, “Large Pokémon”, “Light Pokémon”, “Medium-Weighed Pokémon” and “Heavy Pokémon” to the corresponding Pokémon. But in the meantime I started thinking, “Mmm, ‘Light Pokémon’ sounds like if the category refers to the Light type”, a type that was rumored to be added before Pokémon X and Y were released along with the Sound type. It was rumored that Xerneas would be a Light-type Legendary Pokémon and Yveltal a Sound-type Legendary Pokémon, however, the Fairy type was added instead. But still I think it’s pretty confusing. From the start why did they name the categories “Normal Pokémon”, “Electric Pokémon”, “Fire Pokémon”, etcetera? The correct names would have been “Normal-type Pokémon”, “Electric-type Pokémon” and “Fire-type Pokémon”, for example.

If the Light type was real, it would be “Light-type Pokémon”, referring to the Pokémon’s type; “Light Pokémon” would refer to the Pokémon’s weight.

The categories that are okay are the ones from the Egg Groups. They are named “Field group Pokémon”, “Water 2 group Pokémon”, “Mineral group Pokémon”. The ‘group’ part indicates that these are from the egg groups. Imagine if they were only “Field Pokémon”, “Water 2 Pokémon” or “Mineral Pokémon”. The categories like that refer to completely other things. “Field Pokémon”, for example, would refer to the Pokémon that live in the field, a completely different meaning than the Pokémon that breed that are based mostly on mammals. And don’t tell me about the Grass group, Bug group, Flying group, Fairy group and Dragon group.

Get what I mean? So, what if we change the categories? For example, move “Bug Pokémon” to “Bug-type Pokémon”. Consider this list (if we were to change) as the one that indicates the moves:

Now After
Bug Pokémon Bug-type Pokémon
Dark Pokémon Dark-type Pokémon
Dragon Pokémon Dragon-type Pokémon
Electric Pokémon Electric-type Pokémon
Fairy Pokémon Fairy-type Pokémon
Fighting Pokémon Fighting-type Pokémon
Fire Pokémon Fire-type Pokémon
Flying Pokémon Flying-type Pokémon
Ghost Pokémon Ghost-type Pokémon
Grass Pokémon Grass-type Pokémon
Ground Pokémon Ground-type Pokémon
Ice Pokémon Ice-type Pokémon
Normal Pokémon Normal-type Pokémon
Poison Pokémon Poison-type Pokémon
Psychic Pokémon Psychic-type Pokémon
Rock Pokémon Rock-type Pokémon
Steel Pokémon Steel-type Pokémon
Water Pokémon Water-type Pokémon

In the time I’ve been in this Wiki, I’ve learnt that the names of the categories can’t be changed, so we would have to replace each one. It would be easy with the Pokémon themselves, because we can change from the template “PokéBox” and every single Pokémon’s categories get changed when the template gets changed. The hard part would be the character Pokémon, where the categories are inserted manually, but still we can do it.

Please comment your opinion on the subject, change or not? And if you’re an admin and you’re reading this, please also give me your opinion and/or authorization.

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