• Adrián Perry GZ

    Where am I?

    March 5, 2015 by Adrián Perry GZ

    Well, I haven't edited much in the past few weeks. This blog is for letting you know why. I've been having problems with my computer. I'm not on my usual computer writing this. I can see there are few changes, like a preview for mobile and for desktop, that sounds great, I'll try it when I have the chance. But the important thing I have question about is, what happened to the main page? It looks different, but different kind of bad.

    EDIT: Well, it doesn't look that bad. The problem is the upper part, where a blue space is seen and the wordmark is seen on white background.

    The last thing I did was create and arrange and everything related to List of Pokémon by height, and worry not, I've been working with a similar page in the meantime, but I …

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  • Adrián Perry GZ

    Type Pages

    January 5, 2015 by Adrián Perry GZ

    Well, maybe many of you already know that I've recently finished the Type pages with a remodelling and reconstruction (if you haven't seen them, you can check these links: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ) But what I finished was just the basic part, I want to change some things. The first change is to add the icons of the Pokémon. In fact, I've already done it with Dragon type, but at the end it didn't convince me too much, that's why I haven't kept editing the others.

    So, what do you say? Do I make that change to the other pages or not? Also, if you have something to say about those pages and would like something changed, please let me know right here.

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  • Adrián Perry GZ

    Hello Pokémon Wiki. Ready for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Well, I know I am.

    The topic of this blog is no other than the Pokémon in the anime. Jeez. Those pages really need maintenance. The user that most edits them is not, how to say it without offending, just looking for the opportunity to edit. I don't know if I'm the only one who is bothered by this. I'll give an example of what she does. Have you seen the page Berrybaker kids' Makuhita? Go look at it and then come back. What did you notice? Yes, the page is practically blank.

    The Berrybaker kids' Makuhita is a -type Pokémon owned by the Berrybaker kids.

    That's the only sentence on that page, and it doesn't tell me anything. One question: what is the position of this Makuhita in the epis…

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  • Adrián Perry GZ

    I think there's a confusion on how to say the types, so I hope this blog helps you out with that. I found the sayings in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, so they're officially correct.

    • If you want to say only the type without referring to Pokémon, moves or others, just say "(type) type".
      • For example, here's the in-game description of Curse: A move that works differently for the Ghost type than for all other types. Another example is the description of Electrify: If the target is electrified before it uses a move during that turn, the target's move becomes Electric type.
    • Now, if you want to refer about a Pokémon, for example, add a -, like this "(type)-type Pokémon".
      • For example, the in-game description of Flower Shield is: The user raises the Defense stat of …
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  • Adrián Perry GZ

    Hi Pokémon Wiki, this is my first blog in this Wiki, and I want to start by talking about something that really doesn’t fit here.

    As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve just finished adding the categories “Small Pokémon”, “Medium-Sized Pokémon”, “Large Pokémon”, “Light Pokémon”, “Medium-Weighed Pokémon” and “Heavy Pokémon” to the corresponding Pokémon. But in the meantime I started thinking, “Mmm, ‘Light Pokémon’ sounds like if the category refers to the Light type”, a type that was rumored to be added before Pokémon X and Y were released along with the Sound type. It was rumored that Xerneas would be a Light-type Legendary Pokémon and Yveltal a Sound-type Legendary Pokémon, however, the Fairy type was added instead. But still I think it’s pretty…

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