So... I am a registered user on PokEmon Showdown, to get that out of the way. While I was on the Ability page on Bulbapedia, and when I clicked on the links to the ability's page, I realized that they had it so abilities were also matched up with PokEmon types. This is because most of the PokEmon with that ability ARE that type. ...For most of them. So, I thought of...


STAB-ility it basically like Almost Any Ability, except that PokEmon can only use abilities that align with their typing. So more room to get creative (I hope)! I'll give an example after the list below, showcasing the types of PokEmon that most have this ability (including Mega Evolutions):

Visiual Example

Okay, so we all know Bronzong, right?

Bronzong XY

Yeah, that guy. Well, it and it's pre-evolved form, Bronzor, are the only two PokEmon to get the Heatproof ability, which reduces damage taken from Fire-type attacks. Though thanks to this, in this OM idea, EVERY Steel-type PokEmon can get Heatproof! (And also every Psychic-type... which won't be as useful.) So now let's move onto our boy Steelix.

Steelix XY

Imagine giving Heatproof to Steelix. This would make it better at setting up rocks without having to worry about Fire-type attacks, and since it gets super effective STAB Ground-type attacks, it's perfect to combat those Fire-types! Or, you can even give it Arena Trap to prevent your opponents from switching out on you! BUUUUUUUT...

MSteelix ORAS

If that Steelix is holding Steelixite and you Mega Evolve it, it'll still have Sand Force, as you'd expect. So yeah, I hope this will get some creative juices flowing!

Ban List

Okay, so I know this isn't even a thing yet, but I already do know what's going to be banned.

  • Any PokEmon in the Uber tier.
  • The following held items:
    • Blazikenite
    • Gengarite
    • Kangaskhanite
    • Mawilenite
    • Mewtwonite-X
    • Mewtwonite-Y
    • Salamencite
  • The following abilities (except on PokEmon who naturally get them):
    • Adaptability
    • Aerilate
    • Aura Break
    • Dark Arua
    • Fairy Aura
    • Huge Power
    • Pixilate
    • Pure Power
    • Refrigerate
    • Wonder Guard

As for PokEmon/Ability combinations, like I said, this isn't a thing yet, so I don't know what's going to be broken beyond belief. That is going to be dependent on my personal opinions as well as people saying "BAN THIS" "BAN THAT" (which isn't really even in my power, but I'll just list as a "Against the Rules" sort of thing). Also, standard OU clauses apply here. As of right now it'll just be a Custom Game thing.

So, anyone who uses PokEmon Showdown...

Would you play this, and would you like to see it become an actual OM?

The poll was created at 22:46 on January 7, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

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