Cameron vs Korrina: Who has the Stronger Lucario and is Mega Evolution really that powerful or you don't really need it. -BREAKDOWN-

Korrina vs Cameron

Korrina vs Cameron -BreakDown-

What's Up guys it's A1 here and well like I said in the last Blog post that I will cover the Korrina vs Cameron -BREAKDOWN- and here we are time to see if Korrina can beat Cameron or if Cameron can beat Korrina. Make sure to vote down below in your opinion because I will do reasearch on who's Lucario would win and answer the Big Story of today's first ever -BREAKDOWN- Is Mega Evolvution worth getting beacuse we have seen Pikachu defeat Mega Lucario but never Lucario so let's see if Cameron's Lucario can defeat Mega Lucario and if he appears in XY&Z to join the Kalos League (LATE) like he did before (Unova) win a Gym Badge againest Korrina.
Korrina vs Cameron: Mega Lucario vs Lucario -BreakDown- (Your Opinion)

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Korrina vs Cameron: Mega Lucario vs Lucario -BREAKDOWN-!!!

Ok based on my reasearch the answer to the Lucario vs Mega Lucario and is Mega Evolution worth needing I am going to conclude that the winner of this Gym Battle... is... Korina and Lucario. But why? Think about it. Both trainers both love their Lucario as their main Pokemon but only one of them as been with Riolu far longer than the other has. That is Korrina's Lucario and using the knowledge she had from Ash's and Alain's gym battle she is quite aware about what Cameron might do. Cameron and Lucario's bond is strong but there is a limit where Lucario's Mega Lucario's power come to an end. With Lucario (Korrina's) being able to Mega Evolve plus the strong bond they had since they were little and after the Gym Battle with Ash and Alain Korrina and Mega Lucario might be one of the Best Lucario Trainers throughout the Kalos region and if Cameron's Lucario were to Mega Evolve Cameron still has to Control that power and even though Cameron has controlled this huge amount of power Cameron's Mega Lucario still can't beat Korrina's Mega Lucario because of how long they have been together and the knowledge they have of Mega Evolution. So guys that's the end of today's -BREAKDOWN- I hope you voted and enjoyed it I greatly appreciate it and next time I will cover who has te strongest Blastoise. Gary, Blue or Siebold's. Bye Guys and say hello to Slayingthehalcyon.

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