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    What's Up guys it's A1 here and well like I said in the last Blog post that I will cover the Korrina vs Cameron -BREAKDOWN- and here we are time to see if Korrina can beat Cameron or if Cameron can beat Korrina. Make sure to vote down below in your opinion because I will do reasearch on who's Lucario would win and answer the Big Story of today's first ever -BREAKDOWN- Is Mega Evolvution worth getting beacuse we have seen Pikachu defeat Mega Lucario but never Lucario so let's see if Cameron's Lucario can defeat Mega Lucario and if he appears in XY&Z to join the Kalos League (LATE) like he did before (Unova) win a Gym Badge againest Korrina.

    Ok based on my reasearch the answer to the Lucario vs Mega Lucario and is Mega Evolution worth needing…

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  • A1m2o3u4r

    Every one loves Gen I, Gen IV and the Origins of the Pokemon Anime. But the question of the day is Who has the strongest Charizard? Ash, Alain, Trevor or Red? I can already point out the weakest of the 4 Charizard. And it is Trevor's Charizard. Wait a minute... WHAT!?! But he has a Mega Stone that turns him into Mega Y and he can totally wreck Ash's Charizard why A1.Wait guys, wait till you hear this. Trevor's Charizard is the weakest opon the 4 Charizard beacuse isn't it obvious when his Charizard was a Charmeleon it got one shot by Ash's Fletchinder using Steel Wing. S.T.E.E.L. W.I.N.G. No wonder his Charizard got one shot by Alain's Charizard using Flamethrower in the Kalos League. 1 down 3 to go. The second weakest Charizard of the fou…

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