What's Up guys it's your A1 bud here and welcome to well my newest upload! My vacations in Vietnam is over and now I can finally create this quick review of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Trailer. Yes you heard me the trailer is out and you can see it in the video section but without further ado let's get riiiight into the review!

So when you watch the anime it introduces you that the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime will be coming soon in November, then you see our boy Ash Ketchum (I hope he turned 11 already) jumping up scared because he sees a Bewear about to I think crush him with a hug, then you see Team Skull tell their Pokemon to attack and Ash in front of the black guy, his Charizard and the other Pokemon I forgot commands Pikachu to use a Quick Attack, when Ash enters the class he says hello to Alola, then you see Lillie mentioning some kinda Pokemon and Ash wants to see the Pokemon himself, then Ash and Pikachu unleashes the Z-Move and Ash and Pikachu almost runs over a Litten and finally Ash and Pikachu rides a Sharpedo in the water and thats it. Wow guys, when I saw this Trailer my hopes got a little bit better so how will I rate this?

Ok the animation looks good but Ash looks like a regular cartoon character and everyone else looks like a regular anime character. I want the 3D XY/XY&Z Animation to keep on going with the Sun and Moon anime. I don't really like the plot of Sun and Moon because Ash has to go to School, even though he can learn things by experiencing it but at least Ash is still there right? And finally I like the characters but no Serena yet... Wait... NO SERENA?!? But it's okay because it is not 100% confirmed yet and I really look forward to seeing Iris and Cilan again.

Well guys, I really hope you enjoyed today's short preview and see you in the comment section. Bye Guys!

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