Pokémon Go
I've been thinking about writing about my stories of Pokemon GO adventures and now I thought; why not. I don't know whether I keep writing, but if you enjoy reading this and any further post make sure to let me know in the comments!

A couple of days ago I started my Pokemon GO adventure. Let's be honest; I didn't know such an amazing game was coming a few weeks ago. Though when I knew it was coming I couldn't wait to play it. Unfortunately I had to wait a few days after the release in my country before I could play it. My new smartphone wasn't ready yet (I had bought it before I knew about the game).

Well fortunately I was ready to start and download the game from the Play Store. I started at home where the GPS didn't really like my home. When I jumped out of the house it found my location finally and I was able to start choosing one of the 3 starter Pokemon. At that moment I knew you could get a Pikachu, but I chose to just pick Charmander. Just seconds later I received a new notification: a new Pokemon. However I'm not sure what it was and I may have transferred it to professor Willow already for the candy. Must've been some Rattata or Weedle I suppose.

Also, Pokemon GO is the first video game which sent me outside the house as most of you'll know. I explored the environment on the map and what was on that map. I discovered three Pokestops are nearby. Not really nearby though, but I was able to see them on the map. I decided to just go for a walk and went to the border of the city where I live. I can say I didn't find any Pokemon when I went outside of the city so far. I hope I will later. I found two other Pokestops and on the map I saw another gym when I was back in the urban streets. Unfortunately I didn't hit level 5 so I wasn't able to see what was in, but I saw a Flareon on top of it. Walking back home I found many Weedles, Rattatas and Pidgeys. Of course with low ratings varying from 10 to 50 CP.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Make sure to let me know in the comments! Have you been playing Pokemon GO as well? The comments section is the place to tell your adventure!

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