Pokémon Go
If you've read the title you may react like: of course they do. Well, I tested it in some park in a very big city in the evening. There were a lot of people hunting for Pokemon and there were 4 lure modules activated by other Pokemon hunters all the time.

But before I went to the park I walked in the streets of an even bigger city than I live in. I can really say you'll find more Pokemon in there and maybe even rarer ones. However that really depends on where you are. It may be different in other cities and some towns may be very good for hunting. Anyway there are Pokestops everywhere on every corner. You don't have to worry to run out of pokeballs or other items. Walking through the streets I was able to find some new Pokemon and I also got some Pokemons with a very high combat power. Yeah, at that time I thought 250 CP was high enough for me.

Besides that I was surprised by the amount of gyms occupied by Team Instinct. Team Valor and Mystic did have gyms, but the yellow colored gyms were all very strong. I didn't expect that really.

Somehow I arrived in a nice park with lots of lure modules activated as I said before. I chose to just stay for a moment. Every minute I was able to catch some Pokemon. Because of the nearby Pokestops I had enough Pokeballs to keep catching. I was happy with the amount of Drowzees and Zubats especially. After more than two hours I finally left the park to go back.

Also on a side note, if you have way too many potions and revives you can delete a specific amount of them. Just click on the trash icon on the right of it in the items menu. I'd advice deleting some of the normal potions first. You'll get new ones for sure when you visited Pokestops, but you have place for new pokeballs as well now.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Make sure to let me know in the comments! Have you been playing Pokemon GO as well? The comments section is the place to tell your adventure!

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