Pokémon Go
Well last week I haven't written any new blog post about my Pokemon GO experiences. Mostly because I don't think you want to know how annoyed I am by Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas. At a certain moment I even had 700 Pidgey candies and 550 Weedle candies. And of course also a lot of Rattata candy, but I kind of forgot how many I did have before evolving a bunch of Pokemon for the experience in the game.

When in the city again I tried to evolve a lot of the common Pokemon I find here for the experience with a lucky egg on of course. Levelling up is way easier when you have a lot of candies so make sure you just catch everything you find in the beginning. When walking around I sometimes just find some new Pokemon, although it isn't such a great place to find rare ones.

Lure modules are on every day at several places which is a nice thing of course. However I don't find a lot of new Pokemon because of that. You mostly get Pidgeys and the other common Pokemon again. I also heard that what you get from lures depends on what level the player who activated it has. I don't know whether that's true but it sounds logically.

Every new day I find better Pokemon and that makes me transfer Pokemon I evolved earlier. Even Pidgeots can be very helpful for putting in gyms or to fight a gym. I've used some several times now already and I think they're not that bad. Also Hypnos are good Pokemon to use for fights. However since I used a Vaporeon to fight a gym I'm addicted to using it. It just seems like they don't really die quickly because of the high HP rating and that makes them extremely good for fighting gyms. But of course you can always take over a gym when there's just only one Vaporeon in it. I've done that several times now.

Also, I started seeing some of the standard spawn places of Pokemon in my city. There's one place where I've already found a Magmar three times in two days. And it seems like more people know it; there are always people cycling or walking there just to check whether there's one again maybe. Another spawn place which I found yesterday was really amazing. Firstly I was able to catch a very good Dragonair. Just an hour later a Dratini showed up. Fortunately I already caught one the day before since this was a really bad one.

This week I also hatched some eggs and got a 1000 CP Aerodactyl from it for example. Today I decided to put on a lucky egg again and evolve just a bunch of Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas. Some Pidgeys even reached it to evolve into a Pidgeot of almost 1000 CP. I also evolved three Eevees at the same time and nicknamed them to get the right evolution (Sparky, Pyro and Rainer). I already knew Jolteon would be the worst but with a rating higher than 1100 CP I was quite happy. Vaporeon turned out to be around 1450 CP and Flareon became 1530 CP.

Besides all these experiences I've been giving out some tips in the last blog posts so here you have another tip although you may already know about this. When you have a Pokemon in at least one gym you can obtain Pokecoins and stardust every 21 hours. The more gyms you're in, the more Pokecoins and stardust you get of course. You can check whether you can get new stuff again in the shop in the upper right corner. If there's no timer around the shield you can get it again.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Make sure to let me know in the comments! Have you been playing Pokemon GO as well? The comments section is the place to tell your adventure!

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