Pokémon Go
Another day so enough time to explore some more areas in my neighborhood with Pokemon GO. I decided to go to the centre of my city. But before that I went to another Pokestop first. Having arrived around the centre I was surprised by the amount of Pokestops and Gyms in and around the centre. I walked from Pokestop to Pokestop and tried to catch some Pokemon in the mean time. Unfortunately most were Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas and sometimes another Pokemon like a Spearow.

When I was at a park with some water around it I was finally able to catch some water Pokemon like a Staryu, Goldeen and Magikarp. Between all the catching I levelled up and unlocked several items for in my bag.

In the evening I saw a lure module was activated on one of the Pokestops I can see from where I live. I quickly went to it and caught some other common Pokemon. At the end, just before I wanted to leave, I caught an Eevee. What its CP was? Well only 14 CP unfortunately. But still I'm happy with all new Pokemon I catch.

The next day I went again to the places I explored the day before. However I had to do something first: I had to choose in what team I wanted. Although I like the two other teams I chose for Team Mystic. I went to some Gyms to see what was in it. At that moment the Pokemon in it were really strong. I just walked across all nearby Pokestops and caught some more common Pokemon. After that I visited some other parts of the city to see what was there. Unfortunately the Gyms I came across were also too strong or I was unable to put another Pokemon in it.

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Team Mystic Wallpaper 2Actimv 4

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