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November 29, 2013
  • 1(4).jpg this pokemon is awesomly amzing because it s a fire drangon type and its flames are beutifuly blue
  • 1(7).jpg this pokemon is officily lucario/mega and i just think he seams so awesome
  • 1(1).jpg omz tis new evee evelution is so cute and it looks pretty strong
  • Station-panel arrow.png this is zoroark she is just awesome and she has swag XD
  • 634726116365249321.png zorua and zoroark are soo cute together and i hope nothin happens 2 thenm in any episode of pokemon
About me
this is just a awesome slide show i made :) enjoy
hello! as u can see i am a zoroark fan and i realy think she is awesome :D i like the new pokemon game X and Y and i think it is going to be a big hit for pokemon because the pokemon  have been getting even more epicer and awesomer for the past 2 years and fennicen or what ever her/his name is is one of my favorites also :D thanks for reading goodbye :) ZOROARK IS AWESOME 
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