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Hello, I am a player of this game since about 9 years old. And now not again. My Pokemon version is Emerald (Generation III). Well, I know the fact that:

1. Pokemons has different XPs to get to level 100. For example, to get to level 100, a Lugia would have 1 250 000 XPs to be at level 100. Meanwhile an Infernape needs only 1 059 860 XPs to get to level 100.

2. 2 same species, same levels, and same trainers do not always have the all the stats same. And we had never found it.

3. There's so many strange fact my favourite pokemon have. What's my favorite pokemon? Think it yourself!

4. My favorite pokemon is a starter.

5. A Rayquaza level 100 is easily 1-Hit KO-ed by a level 97 Kyogre's Ice Beam...

6. There's so many facts that you need to discover, and...

7. Don't ask me where I find the facts... Sorry but that's not here.

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