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  • I live in Toon City
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is being a cartoon nerd
  • I am female
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* Ash Ketchum
* [[Ash Ketchum]]
That's all I got right now.
That's all I got right now.
|None at the moment. Sorry!
|None at the moment. Sorry!

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About me Hello
Hi! I'm Erica Sakura, Sonic fan character, gamer, and HUGE Pokemon fan! My favorite character is Ash Ketchum. He's so cute!! I also feel sympathy for him, as it seems that everyone hates him nowadays. It's all, "Red this, Gary that!" and it just ain't my style. Red's flawless, gotta be freakin' kidding be! No Pokemon Trainer can be that perfect! Another reason I like Ash is because of his imperfections. And Gary's a jerk. Obvious, right? Also, Ash cares about his Pokemon and forms strong relationships with them, which is just so sweet! Why can't everyone appreciate Ash Ketchum the way I do?....Sorry, my rant's over! Promise! HELLOOOOOOO, PERSON!! (Obvious Animaniacs reference)
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That's all I got right now.

None at the moment. Sorry!

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